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I just came back from watching Les Miserables for the second time. And my verdict? It is an excellent show, by far the best movie of the year! I may be biased because I love the musical, but I find this movie version just as good, or even better, than the musical, except for a couple of actors who cannot really sing.

When I knew some years back that a movie of Les Miserables was in the works, and it would be starring Hugh Jackman, one of my favourite actors and my own version of sexiest man alive, I knew it would definitely be a musical. I have always loved to hear Hugh Jackman singing, and after Anne Hathaway proved she could sing too, I knew instantly this movie would be a hit.

And I am not wrong! It is a fantastic show from beginning to end! The songs, the emotions, the acting, all were perfect from beginning to end! Hugh Jackman as the prisoner 24601 aka Jean Valjean who atoned for his sins by being good, who met Fantine, took pity on her and promised to look after her daughter as his own, and later his own conflict when his adopted daughter Cosette fell in love with the student revolutionary Marius, and how he ensured Marius' life would be saved by bringing him to safety in the sewers, and his going away before Marius and Cosette's wedding so Cosette would never find out his true self.

But later on he prepared to die and joined Fantine upon his death. Marius took Cosette to see him before he died and beseeched him to come live with them as Marius was so grateful for him saving his life and giving him Cosette, but he refused and still chose to die.

Anne Hathaway as Fantine gave one of the most haunting and emotional performances of her career, with the unforgettable song "I Dreamed A Dream" sung to perfection. I am really rooting for these two to win Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress respectively! Although I am not sure what other competition is out there, but so far as I can see, Les Miserables is a hot favourite to set to win Best Picture, and I really hope it does, as the rest of the movies I have watched this year is not of the same calibre as this.

Let's keep my fingers crossed and see if these two will really win!


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