I went to watch the new James Bond today. I have been quite a James Bond fan ever since my mum introduced me to the first show I watched - Goldfinger, when it was having a rerun. That was when I was very young and I did not understood what I was watching. It was only when I became a teenager and went to watch Goldeneye on my own that I finally understood the hype about James Bond.
Then my brothers bought all the sets of James Bond shows, and we started watching in chronological order. Since then, I have never missed a single James Bond show. Even though I disagreed that Daniel Craig was cast as James Bond as I thought there should be a better looking actor playing him, the shows are still pretty good however.
So this "Skyfall" is no exception. It is one of the best James Bond shows ever, because not only does it ties in everything back to the beginning, it also plays homage to the fact that the show or series is already fifty years old. It does not have as much action as the previous James Bond, but the storyline is great and the actors are great. Most importanatly, it shows James Bond being vulnerable, being emotional, and that he cares deeply about things, and not just a plain womaniser and action hero.
It also shows his boss, M, being vulnerable and emotional, and how the choices M made affect terrorism and the world around them. Although I did not condone what M did, but I understood from her point of view why she had to do what she did. In most cases, the decisions she made may not be right, but it was the only thing to be done at that moment in time. So the show showed her conflict between doing what is right and what needed to be done, to the extent that she betrayed people around her.
And that was what tied in to this whole show. Betrayal, decisions, choices. It was all well made, and well done. And it was a refreshing move to tie in everything back to the beginning, a new start, a new series.
Hence this is one of the best James Bond shows ever. Daniel Craig, despite his looks, did a great job as the double O agent. I look forward to seeing him in more James Bond shows to come, before he gets too old!


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