A Read-A-Thon

All of a sudden, I am having a reading marathon. I used to have these "read-a-thons" back in my school days when there was nothing much to do, since my parents did not allow me to go out nor watch any television, so when I was bored, I started reading. And a good thing it is, because I always feel nowadays many people do not read enough.

In any case, in recent years, my reading has decreased drastically. One reason is work. You spend all hours working and really have no time to do anything else. Another reason is social life. When I start going out with friends, having fun, then later started being involved in religious work and then started dating, one really does not have that much time for one's own leisures anymore.

I used to average twenty-five books a month, then later on ten books a month, and now, it seems to be a good thing if I can even finish one book a month. That is how much I have deteriorated. So this year, I made a resolution to myself to go through at least two books a month, and slowly increase along the way.

For the past two weeks, I have finished three books. Not a bad feat! I started reading again on public transport, while I was on the bus or the train. I started reading when I was out with my boyfriend, when we were waiting for the bus or train or just waiting for the food to come. By doing this, I realise I can get through a book much quicker.

Now my love for reading has increased. I have always been passionate about books and the beauty of the words in a page, but I have never imagined ever giving it lesser priority than anything else in my life. I totally regret doing that, because reading is really a pleasure beyond any description.

I will never let my love of the books slide again! I plan to go through at least two books a month and more if possible!


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